My Photog Business

So I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to grow the business. My web presence needs an overhaul and I’d really like some clients here in the Mid-Atlantic. The thing I’m trying to mull over at this point in time is my blog. This blog. My web-home for three plus years. This is what my photo

Life Update

When I first started all this, I thought answering “I have no clue.” was moderately romantic. It’s fun to face the wide unknown; to know that in two months you’ll be in a completely different area of the United States, vocationing in a completely different way than the previous four years, interacting with a completely


My job during the summer  takes me out of my normal community and places me in a new one, complete with new friends and all that comes with them. On my day off, I like to spend some time with the people I know and love year-round. Because my day off falls mid-week for 10

You win, Wertz

So one of my favorite musicians, Matt Wertz, told us about one of his favorite new artists on his blog. Matt is a good friend of Dave Barnes, another favorite musician. The two of them are friends with Jeremy Cowart, my favorite photographer, and some other people that I’m a fan of. I call it