I know I asked you a question a few posts ago and never followed through; I’m still working out some thoughts on top of working a lot. I’ll get to it, I promise. Moving on, I’m thinking about buying Duffy’s album. If you have it, would you mind giving me your opinion? I’d like to

Not Dave Barnes

I must say that I’m pretty excited about posting something musically related and not talk about Dave Barnes. I stumbled upon a new independent artist named Jeff Caylor last week and was fairly impressed with his work. His music is only 70% up my alley, but where my self-interest is lacking, his blog and visual

Ok Look,

I know this has been done before and you’re probably yelling audibly at your screen right now, thinking I can hear you, and telling me to come up with something new. AND I know that this piece of cyber-space is not intended for this. I repeat – is not intended for this. Ok, let’s move