The Closest I’ve Ever Come

I don’t claim to know much about motherhood. I’ve seen birth, I’ve babysat some pretty stellar kids and I’ve had shared the disappointment that comes with disciplining them. That’s it though. Mere snapshots in the life of my friends’ children. Tonight, however, I know grief. Grief over a child who blatantly tells you one thing


Today is my birthday. To inaugurate my 27th year of life I: 1) Heard the Happy Birthday Song 4 times 2) Went to church 3) Wore a dress 4) Played the Wii version of BopIt and failed. Miserably 5) Got some pretty stellar earrings from my twin 6) Was emailed a “special birthday coupon” from


My grandmother is straight-off-the-boat Dutch. She’s been back to Holland (The Netherlands) several times since I’ve been alive and currently there visiting family. I received a post card in the mail yesterday from her and while I appreciate the gesture, I’ve found it to be quite absurd: It says, “Hi Tina! I’m having a great

Quick-Witted Family

So the comments from my last post, gave some people a glimpse into what it was like growing up with my parents. Just in case you didn’t read the comments, here is a text message conversation I had with my father this evening (complete with typos): Daddy: yer mean mom never sent the gps. I’ll