The Closest I’ve Ever Come

I don’t claim to know much about motherhood. I’ve seen birth, I’ve babysat some pretty stellar kids and I’ve had shared the disappointment that comes with disciplining them. That’s it though. Mere snapshots in the life of my friends’ children. Tonight, however, I know grief. Grief over a child who blatantly tells you one thing

On Patience

This morning, while reading and praying, I was thanking the Lord for prayers he has specifically answered these past few weeks; particularly prayers in regard to anxiety. I suppose I should have posted about that first, then moved on to patience, but who’s counting? So I was thanking God for releasing me from the bondage

Draw Me Nearer

During my four years and four months at The Hood, I’ve always had a hymnal in my home. Upon packing my books up, I realized that said hymnal did not belong to me; it needed to be returned. Thankfully, I was able to use it one last time to reminisce. During what will most likely