A Legacy

When I first moved to Speculator years ago, I had the pleasure of moving in with Camp Tapawingo’s newest director. I was nervous. It’s not every day that you have the privilege of moving in with someone respectable and godly enough to hold that sort of position; director of an all-girls Christian camp. I didn’t

The Party

So you all remember the joint birthday party. Here are some highlights: Our youngest attender was Chloe; she’s pretty much the cutest thing on two legs. Even though smiling wasn’t an option when we took this photo, she’s a ham. The lovely lady laughing is Ang, who is married to the other half of the


I probably won’t be the only one linking to these today, so sorry if you’ve laughed at them already. I couldn’t pass it up though, since I used to live with a Canadian and she and her husband are very near and dear to my heart. 10 Reasons the U.S.A. Could Beat Up Canada 1/17/2008