Catching Up on Life: Part 1 of 5 Million

Hello friends!

I just looked at this place for the first time in MONTHS. Shoot, probably a whole year. I have reasons (good ones) for my absence in cyber-space and I hereby promise to tell you about them.

If I tell you all my reasons now, will that whet your appetite? Or give the ending away? And do I care?

As of right now, I sit in daylight-savings misery with a child who doesn’t understand what it means to sleep in an extra hour (one day…). With this misery and the skills lost after not writing anything substantial in over a year, I find myself at a loss of how to proceed with this post.

Dear WordPress, how in the world do I post a photo again? Why are there two buttons: “Post a Photo” and “Insert Photo”?

Which photo? Blegh.

Back to the task at hand: In the coming weeks, you should be hearing more from me. As I get my hard drive organized from these last months (year) of craziness, my thoughts will collect around the images that find homes in cozy little folders. Those thoughts and memories will find their way here. Cheers for now, I have a little one to chase…


Coming up: planning a wedding, getting married, a magical honeymoon, the honeymoon babe

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