Many of you know this; many of you have been anticipating this:

And many of you are probably just wondering where in the world I’ve been all these months.

The Dreamboat and I are engaged.

Yep, I’m getting married.

To The Dreamboat.

DB proposed to me over President’s Day weekend and we have been quite busy since. Actually, we’ve been so busy with other things, that planning our nuptials has been slower than we hoped for.

So, in honor of finally finishing our Save the Date (I’ll be sharing that here at some point), here is the announcement email (written the Wednesday after Prez. Day) I sent to my family back in February. I wanted to litter this post with photos from that weekend, but those will have to wait; I have a guest list to finish.

Dearest family & friends,

Last Saturday, DB and I drove up to Hume Lake for our 3-day weekend to see old friends (of mine, now his) from New York, the M Family. Hume, CA is a super-tiny mountain town, smaller and more remote than Speculator, NY, but it felt like home. Being in a small town, surrounded by snow and a family I love so much felt like an instant-vacation.

With Hume being nestled deep in to the Sequoia National Forrest (and 5200 ft above sea level), we stopped at a little tree-spotting trail on our way home Monday. With Mr. & Mrs. M leading the way, pointing out the HUGE trees, DB handed me a paper box he made. In that paper box were subsequently smaller boxes, all made of paper, each one having a note written on it. I read through the notes with joy, thoroughly enjoying the “we met one year ago today” romanticism. I also read through the notes freezing my tail off, since we were surrounded by snow and massive trees blocking the sun light. Later on, DB confessed to wanting to propose right there, but decided not to since it was so cold.

Because of my extra-romantic notes and how The Dreamboat was acting, I knew what was coming. I’ll be honest, I had been expecting him to drop a knee all weekend. There was a level of disappointment when I opened up the last box to find nothing in it but the note written on the paper. About 10 minutes later, I was finished with our walk, fed up with taking photos and just wanting to get in the car and go home. I was a bit grumpy, but wanting to honor my super-romantic man, I pushed those feelings aside and tried to enjoy the rest of our outing.

As we were parting ways with Mr. & Mrs., Mr. prayed for us in a manner assuming that engagement was in our future but having no idea it was in our within-the-half-hour future. As a couple, we’ve been commission in prayer before, but this felt so fresh and new. It means a lot to us to have such a fatherly figure pray for us mere minutes before we made marriage-commitments. DB later told me that the desire to propose right there in the back seat of their car was so big that it was almost as if the ring was burning a hole in his pocket.

The last 20 miles of driving up to Hume require chains in the winter. My Calif-Texan suggested before we left for the weekend that I should do the snow driving since I had more experience. I did the first bit of driving home, so as we pulled away from the M Family’s car, I was behind the wheel. As I was driving those few miles of snowy roads, DB started folding my notes back up. I mentioned to him that I wanted to read them again. Reminding me that I should read them the “right way”, I looked over and saw that he was almost finished the folding process. A few moments later I looked over a second time, and saw they were all unfolded again, with DB trying to hide something from me. I didn’t press him, because I knew what was going on and didn’t want to force him too much into a lie; he mumbled something about them coming undone and I let it rest.

We pulled over a few minutes later, as he finished folding for a second time, so the cables could come off our tires and he could resume driving. As he was working on the tires, I sat in the passenger seat, waiting for him to get back in the car before I started reading. And I shook the box when he wasn’t looking.

He finished his duty, got back in the car and started driving as I re-read the sweetest note his hand had ever penned. By God’s providence, The Dreamboat was driving the speed limit and the other cars behind him didn’t want to, so he pulled over. Pulling over on the one pull-off with the most breathtaking view just then was not planned, but secretly prayed for. DB said something about taking a nap while I finished reading, then subjected himself to holding the interior paper boxes as I opened, and re-read the notes inside.

As I got to what was originally the last box, DB suggested we step outside. Seriously, I knew this was coming from a million miles away, so I silently submitted to his wishes. Overcome again with the beauty that surrounded us, we took a few photos and enjoyed the view. Then I turned to him, held out a hand, and gave him a look that said “Dearest sir, please give me that box before I throw you over this cliff in anticipation”.

Inside that last box that was originally empty, I found a smaller, red one. On the outside of that box was written, “It is not good for THIS MAN to be alone. -DB” As I opened the box, I pulled out the delicately shiny object and read what was written on the inside of the box: “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22”. I was in his arms through this whole opening-process and as I looked up, I saw my Dreamboat filled with joy and teary-eyed. He pulled the ring from my fingers, dropped to one knee and said, “Christina, will you marry me?”


Like I said, I knew it was coming, but the act of him dropping to one knee was still overwhelming and unexpected; I couldn’t even respond with proper grammar. I have thought of 500 different responses to that question over the months and “Yeah” is all that came out. He popped back up, tried to figure out which was my left hand and slid the ring onto my ring finger. We stood in each other’s arms for a few moments, took some photos and continued on our way.

We spent the rest of our trip enjoying our first few hours as an engaged couple, and only moderately started “planning.” We’ll get to that soon enough, I suppose. At the moment, we’re just trying to make it through another busy week. I got food poisoning yesterday (thank you, future husband, for caring for me as I puke in front of you) and today I haven’t left my bed. Another act of God’s providence, I suppose, since I didn’t know when I was going to be able to write this email.

Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement over these months of dating The Dreamboat. We certainly covet your prayers as our wedding day quickly approaches.

the future Mrs. Dreamboat

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