Birthday Morning Reflections

I literally just woke up. On my birthday.

I was going to wait ’til the end of the day to reflect on my blessed day of birth, but the time and ability to focus has availed itself this morning. I could honestly spend an hour reflection merely on these past two weeks; so much has happened. Uprooting my life and moving across the country has been no small feat, but God has been abundantly good to me. While everything is new, I have been granted a community which makes Torrance feel like home. “Community” is what I had been missing in Delaware and I’m grateful that I’ve got one in Torrance.

But T-town is not the purpose of this post. Calif was just weeks ago; a whole year has passed under the heading of “26”.

I turned 26 in Delaware, with my family, celebrating with my twin. I had just officially moved away from New York; I had no job, I was mere weeks away from running out of money. God was amazingly gracious in providing a place to live (home, with family) and eventually throwing a part time job in my lap. That employment turned out to be more fun and rewarding than I could have ever hoped for; my first few weeks turned it into a full-time position with more responsibility and challenges. It was those challenges that would continue to shape me relationally, spiritually and professionally over the next 10 months.

One of the many blessings of working for the jewelry store is that I could pretty much take off when I wanted/needed to. Cumulatively, I took close to three weeks of vacation over the summer. On the surface, that’s a mere perk; those vacations, however, turned out to be life-changing. I spent all of my time away from work back north in New York, refreshing my body and brain in a community that I never really wanted to leave. Over the course of those trips, (starting in February, continuing through August) I met and was eventually courted by The Dreamboat.

Now that my 27th year of life is complete, I sit here in Mission, Texas.

Texas, everyone.

The girl from Delaware who lived in New York forever, replanted back in Delaware and eventually moved across the country to Southern California, now sits in Texas.

The Dreamboat and I traveled to his hometown to spend the holidays with his family and our time thus-far has been awesome. Faces that I’ve met via video-chat are real and so incredibly loving. Today is day 3 of our 7-day vacation and I already feel quite at home with this family; I’ve been hugging the sisters and punching the brothers and almost-winning games of Balderdash.

Today, plans are unknown to me, just the way I like them.

Merry Christmas everyone, see you in the new year!

One thought on “Birthday Morning Reflections

  1. Christina,
    I would go out on a photoshoot adventure with you, but NEVER will I play Balderdash with you. Because I will lose. Heheh.. I hope you’re well. I’m so grateful for your blogs.. I know exactly where to go when I feel the need to know how you’re doing. Take care!

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