Last Day in Delaware

I had a ridiculous thought yesterday as I was eating lunch at 3pm: what if I went to bed late tonight, slept in a bit and repeated all that Friday night? Is it wise to start acclimating my body to PST now or just wait for the trip to thoroughly mess me up? I ended up not planning on any of that, but it happened anyway. I climbed into bed at 12:15am and shivered under mounds of blankets ’til about 12:30 and fell asleep. I woke up this morning at 9:30am. Sick, but it was 9:30 nonetheless.

So today (even though I had a late start) will be spent organizing, packing and making decisions. All of this will followed with more organizing and packing. Because I am who I am (distraction abounds), here are two Christmas videos for you:

2 thoughts on “Last Day in Delaware

  1. Honey, Henrietta and Merna must be mortified! Dearest, you know how I feel about Dave Barnes, still do. Lovely, I can’t wait to pick you up tomorrow!

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