I’ve delayed in blogging about my recent trip to SoCal, because I’m at a terrible loss for words. I didn’t document this trip with photographs; I merely took photos that fancied and documented instead with memories. To recount the trip here, I fear would be boring (or too much, depending on what stories I told). Know that it was wonderful. And amazing. The Dreamboat and I really just hung out. There were no tourist attractions. Shoot, I barely saw the coastline. I was well cared for, wined, dined, held, etc. It was per-fect.

One thing to note was The Dreamboat still had to work while I was there (he’s saving vacation days for actual trips). I had the use of his car during the day, which I took full advantage of. I was also given a map which saved my life. Twice.

I love getting flowers.

A real-live, Southern California snail!

The Dreamboat is quickly learning to photog. And well.

And lastly, I love it when he drives.

3 thoughts on “Calif

  1. Kerri, Thank you! Sometimes I need a little blog-encouragement.

    Yeo, hearing about his Honda way back in July definitely earned him some points. I do think I’ll keep this one. (-:

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