On The Dreamboat: again

What a neat surprise I find in this guy. On top of all the care, love and support that come wafting at me from the West Coast, we have very similar personalities that make our relationship fun, comfortable, encouraging, edifying and much, much more. Our similarities have made the quickness of the relationship and the distance a little less painful; all-in-all it’s been great. Awesome. Lovely. Perfect. Et cetera.

One of the concerns I first had when I came to realize how similar we are, was that our “issues” are similar as well. I was concerned that since we both struggle similarly, how are we to push one another towards Christ-likeness? Won’t we just wallow in our self-misery together?

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. The Dreamboat and I both came into our relationship knowing where and how we sin; we have been actively fighting for God’s glory in our lives well before August 1st, 2010. As we see “our” sin in the other party, we’re quick to recognize it and graciously know how to bring it to light and encourage one another with scripture (he’s better at it than I). It’s been pretty awesome to push one another in that regard; we’ve been building good habits in revolving our relationship around the gospel.

I get him and he gets me. Concerning the length of time we’ve known each other, we shouldn’t. It’s such a comfort knowing that when I freak out about things like moving to California, he understands. And not just the “oh yeah, I get it,” surface emotion, he seems to know each delicate, intricate detail that makes up the situation. I know it won’t always be like this; at some point sin will divide and confuse us on some level. That’s where this gospel-driven habit, grace and faith will show its amazing power in our lives.

I bring all this up to brag. Honestly. I have found the greatest. guy. ever. And by “found” I mean “I did absolutely nothing to merit his attention or intentions to pursue me.” I fly out this Wednesday to spend a week with him (and my new friends!) in California. Words can’t really express how eager I am to get out there. On top of being courted by The Dreamboat, I’ll also have some opportunities to spend some time in California by myself (he still has to work) and possibly have a job interview (!). I’m looking forward to vacation!


P.S. Some of you may be wondering how The Dreamboat feels about my blogging habits. Every time I post something regarding him, I can’t help feeling a bit insecure until he reads it. When he finally read the California post he said to me, “Christina, I love that you do this. 1) Because you’re good at it and 2) I don’t have to.” I win.

2 thoughts on “On The Dreamboat: again

  1. Kindred, beautiful post about your Dreamboat! And so encouraging!
    I hear ya girl…
    Here’s to God-centered relationships! :)
    Can’t wait to see you when you come to CALI! ;)

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