Most folks’ favorite smells consist of apple pie and the ocean. Mine? Printer’s ink, freshly printed on a page. Part of the reason is because my dad was a pressman for most of my life and constantly smelled like this. Another reason is directly tied to being a designer; the smell of ink on paper is the smell of finished work.

So on this fine Monday morning, as I gear up to spend the day job hunting, I share this with you:

2 thoughts on “Ink

    • Your lack of perceivable connection to the printing industry proves “my” theory about nerds. Nerdyness is more about the passion that lays underneath, rather than just the subject of said passion. Nerds relate when other nerds expose their passions.

      This is part of the reason I find some others’ profession more exciting than some; people who are passionate about their jobs are so much fun to talk to.

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