October First

A day late, but “news” nonetheless.

Most of you know that when I moved away from New York last November, I moved back “home” unemployed with no prospects on the table. By the grace of God, I found a job at a jewelry store to pay the bills while I continued to look for my next professional-move. I haven’t blogged much about this process, because there hasn’t been much to tell. I spent months feverishly looking for and applying for jobs with nothing to show for it; it was a wearying and discouraging time.

Then summer hit: warm weather, various trips to New York, family barbecues, photo shoots, etc. It was back in July, during a conversation that I decided to take the summer off from job-hunting. I would take the summer to freely enjoy my vacations, time with my family and friends and work on some photography projects, all-the-while, praying for direction. One of the most overwhelming notions behind job hunting was “where”? If I could really go anywhere and do almost anything, I needed to figure out the “where” first, then move on to job-openings. I gave myself the summer to pray and wait on the Lord for wisdom.

I confess now, I didn’t have much faith that I would have answers by summer’s-end, but I gave myself a deadline: October 1st. I’m so, so thankful to sit before you here and say that God has been abundant in answering these prayers. For over a year now, prayers for direction have been prayed and the moment they were answered was, honestly, very surreal. I cried. I asked myself for days, “is this really happening?” And that moment? That was a month ago.

Even though it was a month ago that I was given the clarity needed to start job-hunting again, I still felt the need to keep my Oct.1st commitment. Over these past four weeks I’ve continued to pray for direction and wisdom, letting the idea of relocation settle in a bit.

Relocation. The first time I “relocated” back in November, it didn’t feel much like relocating at all. I believe I moved home the day before Thanksgiving and found a job right after the holidays; it felt like I went home for Christmas and just stuck around. So, everyone, please continue to pray for me. Now that we find ourselves in October, I am furiously updating my resume and portfolio. There are a few job openings that I want to apply for before the weekend is up.

And as I type this, I’m having a “what in the world am I doing?!” moment. Is this really happening? Who am I?

I’ll be sure to share more as actual news comes into play. For now, enjoy October!

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