4 thoughts on “My Day [warning:mildly graphic content]

  1. I have to say that your toe is gross. You seem to always hurt your extremeties. For the record, your thumb is yet the GROSSEST THING EVER.. and your earrings are pretty.. =)

  2. hahahhaa! I love the earrings! And I also love the fact that your toe is bloody, but at least you have a pedicure :) So how did it happen?

    • Kerri, it merely appears to have a pedicure, though. For some reason, that angle makes my toenail look terribly good; it’s just a facade.

      I was closing a safe door at work. Typically safe doors don’t stop as soon as you start them moving; this safe door moved straight through my toe. What you see there is a “scratch” from a bagillion-pound steel door.

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