On Things

I’ve been meaning to “catch up” here all summer, but things keep coming up; things that merit blog posts, but because of more things happening, nothing gets posted. It’s a terribly vicious cycle. As of right now, there are probably 30 things that I’ve wanted to tell you over the past 3 months that never got mentioned. You could blame it on The Dreamboat, but that wouldn’t totally be fair. He only takes partial-blame for the mayhem that has been these past few months.

All of these things? These events? Funny stories? Yeah, I forgot them.

This is what happens to a girl who works full time, runs a photog business part time, has two communities she wants to invest in, and dates a boy who lives 3000 miles away. I just had a thought though: those of you who have been reading this ‘ole thing for years are used to my summer-blogging-hiatuses. For the past 7 summers, I’ve been pulling my weight at camp that pulled 65 hours of my “free time.” I never blog in the summer.

So, moving on from my pseudo-apology, I hope to spend more time here. “Hope-to” unfortunately makes no promises, however. There are some very exciting things coming up that will soon involve a lot of work for me; I will tell you about them as they occur, but the little stories that give depth and variation to my little nook of cyber-space may suffer. Bear with me; I promise I’ll make it up to you.

For now, If anyone can tell me what this is, I’ll bake you some cookies:

4 thoughts on “On Things

  1. Age, I fear getting cookies to Africa would be difficult. Unless you wouldn’t mind them busted-up, stale and possibly moldy. Alas, your guess is wrong anyway.

    Erin, Nope. (-:

    Commendable guesses, though. Keep trying everyone!

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