Internet Inquiries and The Dreamboat: A Tale

Would anyone like to guess what I did this weekend?

Last Friday, after a ridiculous internet inquiry and several long-distance conversations, I bought a plane ticket. To California. For the next morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, I flew to Los Angeles on a whim for the weekend.

Ridiculous? Crazy? Probably. Glorious? Yes. It was more out of curiosity than anything else that drew me to look up ticket prices; after realizing they weren’t expensive at all, I let The Dreamboat talk me into it.

He and I had been talking about my first trip west for a week or so, but were being sensible about it and shooting for October. Since this trip was so sudden, there wasn’t much time to plan or build expectations (the story of our relationship, really).

After purchasing tickets, not sleeping a wink and heading to the airport the next morning, I landed in the Golden State during golden hour, which couldn’t have worked out better. As soon as The Dreamboat and I got in the car, I had but one request: “take me to the horizon; I need to see the Pacific.”

The rest of the weekend was filled with rich fellowship and beautiful sights. After church and lunch on Sunday, we drove up to Pasadena to see Caltech, The Dreamboat’s alma mater. I was under the impression we were touring the area for nostalgic purposes only, but much to my delight, The California Institute of Technology happens to have one of the most beautiful campuses my eyes have ever seen. Every time we turned a corner, I would stop and stare at the Southern California gloriousness that was shining through.

Just to drive home the point that it really is one of the most beautiful campuses ever, there were three wedding-portrait sessions happening while we were there. THREE.

All I could really think about was shooting a portrait session of my own, so we tried and, thanks to my camera’s remote shutter release, were moderately successful. Moderately.

Monday, we spent the day visiting some of The Dreamboat’s closest friends, drinking great coffee and indulging in impromptu photo shoots (we took a lot of photos).

The day ended with a tried-and-true, west coast sunset and an amazing sushi dinner. And by amazing, I mean it was probably the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Words really can’t express how great this trip was. The traveling has been terribly hard on my body, so I’m looking forward to the next trip being longer and allowing more time for cross-continental-flight-recovery.

Oh and speaking of traveling, one quick story: In my haste and excitement of purchasing the plane tickets, I accidentally bought a return flight for the wrong day. Instead of buying a ticket for 8:50am, Tuesday September 7th, I bought a ticket for 8:50am, Monday October 4th. After weighing the repercussions of staying in SoCal for a month, we decided to switch the ticket.

6 thoughts on “Internet Inquiries and The Dreamboat: A Tale

  1. That was WONDERFUL to read. I still kind of pinch myself that you two are “together”! So very happy for you both. Love ya!

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