The Dreamboat: Part 2

You guessed it; in part one of this little series, I gave you a quick overview of our first date; an epic first date that quickly followed with numerous others.

Then I met his family. Then he met mine. And that first date was just four weeks ago.

Crazy, right?

The Dreamboat and I met in NY (he moved there shortly after I moved away) and knew little of each other for months. During my first vacation of the summer (I may have alluded to him when I referenced new friends in this post), he and I spent a bit of time together at church and various social gatherings. Upon my arrival home, I sent him a HUGE list of must-listen-to Coldplay songs and two weeks later, we were email BFFs. Respectively speaking, of course.

A week or so after that, my second NY vacation was mentioned and The Dreamboat asked me out on a date.

Um, yes please?

We hung out every night I was in town and it was glorious. And foreign. And oh, so comfortable.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details at this point in time; as things progress between The Dreamboat and I, I may start filling in some holes. For now, know that we’re really excited about this new relationship. And by “excited” I mean overwhelmed with joy.

Ok fine, one quick story: A week after date #1, we had another epic excursion that involved amazing coffee, a used book store and reciting Charles Dickens. If you know me well (or have been following the blog for more than three months), this was the Followed closely by the evening that involved sushi, ice cream and 200,000 miles.

For those of you inclined to pray, please pray for us! I may have met The Dreamboat on the East Coast, but he lives in California. CALIFORNIA.

P.S. I apologize for making you all wait for this post! I threw up Part 1 in haste, not thinking that Part 2 would need a little more time; we wanted to take a few weeks and tell people, versus them finding out via social media.

5 thoughts on “The Dreamboat: Part 2

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