Blog Stomp

Have you ever made a purchase that seemed so frivolous at the time, since you’ve been living without it all these years, but as soon as you use your new purchase, your life changes? Then you wonder why people aren’t charging more for these things? After knowing now what you should have known then, you probably would have paid double for said “miracle”? Anyone?

That’s how it is with me and Photoshop actions. Genius. Brilliant. I’m so thankful for photogs/computer programmers who create these actions that do miraculous things to your photos at literally the touch of a button.

A few days ago, I purchased an action set called Blog Stomp, and since then, I’ve been wondering what life was like before it. At the click of your mouse, it resizes, sharpens and adds your logo to an image, THEN it saves a copy in an appropriate folder for you, ready to use in a blog. BRILLIANT.

Anywho, I made this purchase for some help on wedding proofs, but I intend on using it here all the time now. For the time being, I’ve got the Belong to the Day logo plugged in there, but I intend on switching that over to Not a Local soon; after I create a logo. In my spare time.

Here’s a sample:

These photos were taken on a recent road trip with the mysterious Dreamboat (I promise that post is coming!). It’s not often I get to ride in the car, so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos and enjoy the passenger seat; I highly recommend it.

7 thoughts on “Blog Stomp

  1. I stinkin LOVE IT! Love my photoshop actions too. So, I’m assuming the action allows for the logo to be moved to a better spot on the picture, right?

    • P.S You could probably write that action yourself. I did a “LOGO” action too for me, but I can’t decide on a logo — a spare time will have to come, someday.

    • yeah, there’s a “stop” in the action that lets you move the logo. Then you start the action again that merges, saves a copy and closes the file for you. It’s pretty great; I could have written it myself, but it would have never been to the level that this is at.

  2. I feel that way about my nalgene easy sipper. And my REI micro towel. And my flip-flop socks. ;)
    but photoshop would be nice too…

    • New toy! I must play with it.
      I missed being at the picnic! Michael at one point in time about a million years ago (two weeks, maybe) threw out that maybe he’d fly in and we’d come up for it. But then reality set in. I don’t know when I’ll be back up; I was thinking October some time, but I may go to California instead. (-: So, maybe thanksgiving-ish time…

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