Vacation:Part 1

Unlike my last vacation, I have stories to share this time around. In July, my respite was found in a book and my pillow. This most-recent trip was found in my car and spending time with friends. Before I get into tales of my holiday, I shall first show you where I went:

And it was about here:

That this happened:

3 thoughts on “Vacation:Part 1

  1. Soooooooooo. I did not notice that the “thing” happening was your car hitting the 200,000 marker until I saw the video title after it was done playing. No, I was focused on the steady decrease in speed and thought is she running out of gas? But no, your gas tank was pretty full according to your gauge – so then I thought, is her car dying? How did she know to video her car dying? Maybe she started out going like 60mph and felt the speed decreasing so she decided to video around 40mph? Hmmm…so strange, must keep watching to see what happens. And then it ended all the way down at 10mph. I was in such suspense for nothing.

    Then I saw the title.

    • Oh this is so funny! Maybe I should go back and clarify for people who don’t know what they’re looking for. But I love your comment so much, so maybe I’ll just leave it.

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