The Similarities

There’s a new girl at work who shares the same first name as me. Fun, right?

Actually, so far it is. I always greet her with, “Hello Christina,” and she responds, “Hello Christina”. I think it’s hysterical. We’re both prepared for people to confuse us, especially customers who only know to ask for “Christina”, but neither of us were really prepared for the similarities we find between us.

Similarities like our middle names.

And that we both like to take a mug of something hot and peruse Anthropologie with no intention of buying anything.

And that we both don’t like being called anything other than Christina.

And that we both often answer to xtina.

And that we both have strong connections to the graphic design industry.

So in honor of the “new girl” at work, I need your help! We’re trying to come up with ways to differentiate ourselves.


4 thoughts on “The Similarities

  1. No, she’s got long, dark hair. One of the guys at work suggested she was “the evil one” because of her hair color — we didn’t like that option very much.

    She’s an old-school Nikon-ographer, actually. I forgot to included that!

    • AAhh.. She’ll be a Canon Picture Taker Soon — You’re influential enough! Hhaha.. I say, You’re the “Red Head” Christina.. maybe just “RED”? Or you can call her Nikon, she can call you Canon. People will get it eventually.

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