Jeff & Daniela: Engagement

Since most of you travel here via Facebook, I’m sure y’all have seen these. However, no shoot is complete until the best of the best end up here with its story told in full.

Last summer, Jeff found his way to Speculator, NY from Connecticut. Daniela? She made it all the way to NY from Ecuador. Randomly, they met outside the town’s only Chinese food restaurant. North America meets South America in China.

That first encounter propelled them into spending more and more time together as two hearts were gently being guided towards “forever”. These two hearts will be bound together in marriage this August and I’m terribly excited for them.

Their engagement shoot started out with Jeff suggesting we go to that Chinese food restaurant to take some portraits. “Um, excuse me? You want to celebrate your love in front of a hideous, green building?” Thankfully, that thought only lasted for a minute before creativity began oozing out of me and I found myself eager and up for the challenge.

That green building turned out to be a gem!

I was told by Jeff and then by Daniela herself that she was nervous because she didn’t like having her photo taken. Nervous or not, Daniela WORKED IT for me. I must have stopped to drool over the photos I was taking 50 times that afternoon.

Are you sure you’re not a super model in Ecuador?

After bebopping around town for a bit, we wound up at CAMP-of-the-WOODS, where Jeff and Daniela are working for the summer. Our first stop was the little pond in the center of Camp…

…then we moved up to a magical spot behind the auditorium. The lighting was uh-maz-zing.


When I look at this next photo, I have a huge desire to go to Daniela’s house for dinner; she’s so engaging in here, I instantly feel at home.


We finished the day with the sun setting on the lake. I’m so glad we came back to do these; some of my favorites are here!

To be honest, I was nervous about this shoot because I hadn’t spent any time with Daniela since she’s been in Ecuador this past winter. After taking my first photo of these two together, I was in photog-bliss. I cannot wait to document their wedding day; it’s going to be EPIC.

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