I am a Creative

I create.

I create new ways to create new things.

I take new things and create them into something to be created that can create new creations.

I think.

Either which way, I’m a creative. This thought may be old news to some of you, but I just realized it today. In a conversation with a coworker, the phrase rolled off my tongue and it hit me.

I am a creative.

Being creative isn’t just about creating things, I’m learning. It’s about finding new avenues for oozing creative juices. I guess I’m a creative with ADD; I often get bored with one medium and as soon as I’ve “mastered” it, I’m off searching for new things. Or at least trying to plug in new things here and there to spice it up.

On top of creating, I also love to collaborate. I love the creativity that bringing in others forces out of me and seeing that same “iron sharpening iron” effect on others.

That’s why Etsy has been so great for me. I can make stuff and make money at the same time. There’s no method or rule to selling stuff on Etsy, so I’m free to put up whatever my little heart can dream up.

So on the dawn of brewing up a new collaboration, I’ll direct you to my Etsy store. There’s some new stuff up there!

More to come on that “new collaboration”. I’ve got to think through the logistics and send some emails.

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