I’m Wearing Your Mom’s Mascara

After Facebook statuses like this:

Y’all are probably in stitches wanting to know the details. And also wondering why my phone-facebook-statusing-skills are sub-par in the spell-check category (hint: the answer lies within the status).

However, today is not the day for a detailed rundown of what happened yesterday, fifty feet in the air. Today, I discuss today. And your mom’s mascara.

After the mishap, I wasn’t fit to drive the 3.5 hours south. Something about nausea, my inability to control the level of my voice, and lack of desire to do anything but stare at the ground. Through a series of events that need a diagram to explain, my climbing partner was able to drive me in my car up to his parent’s house 3 hours north. Whom we surprised by my visit and desperate need to stay the night; all this just in time for dinner.

Said parents have opened up their home to me before, and we’ve already spent numerous hours enjoying each other’s company; me showing up and needing a place to lay my oddly misshaped head was no big deal. I was in no way uncomfortable with being there (nor why I was there). I embraced it wholeheartedly as a much needed vacation. Except for one thing.

I didn’t have a toothbrush.

Or a change of clothes. Or a hairbrush.

I did have deodorant. But nothing else other than what was on my back (which, mind you, had just been rock climbing).

After a lovely dinner and some time surrendering my beaten body to the coziest couch ever, I was loaned a set of PJ’s and given a warm bed.

I was also given a toothbrush.

This morning, after watching a large family get ready for the day, I was loaned a Bible, which I gratefully took and enjoyed some time reading. And respiting.

Yep. I know respite isn’t a verb. Go with the flow.

As flexible as flexible gets, I spent the morning with Mama Whit. After she loaned me her mascara, we went shopping* and enjoyed a lovely lunch together. Instead of cleaning her kitchen and doing a million other things that busy moms are in charge of, she took her morning and enjoyed it with me. On top of all the yummy food and the warm bed and the mascara, I’m especially grateful for the encouraging and edifying time spent with her.

Considering the circumstances, I’ve been incredibly blessed these past two days. After watching the climbing community act like family, I was graciously cared for by my friend and his family. And I would do it again in a heartbeat. Minus the concussion, rock-burn and large contusions that grace my body at the moment.

More on the mishap soon. I’m waiting on the official photos. (-:

*This post could also be titled: I fell off a cliff then bought a dress.

3 thoughts on “I’m Wearing Your Mom’s Mascara

  1. Good choice on the title of the post. The other option, while interesting just doesn’t capture the dry humor which you so craftily embody.

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