Flowers from Mars: An Update

Question: How many of you read my previous post and questioned my knowledge of the flora and fauna of our nation’s capitol? How many of you knew my mistake, but made no attempt to correct me?

If no one noticed, maybe I’m not as bad of an American as I though I was.

This, my friends, is a cherry blossom.


This is a magnolia.

Once again, this is a cherry blossom.

And this is a Magnolia.

Please flock to your nation’s capitol to see the HUGE magnolias. They’re everywhere down there.

2 thoughts on “Flowers from Mars: An Update

  1. hahaha…oh dear…I just died laughing! =) Glad to know the difference, because I was happily bopping along beliving in the “Giant Cherry Blossoms of DC” from your last post…

  2. Amber, thank you for laughing and telling me about it! I feel so silly about being a blogger after these two posts.

    Some folks have ‘fessed up to knowing my mistake and choosing not to say anything. Next time, I’ll do some research before I believe the flora knowledge of others.

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