Flowers from Mars and Other Things

Recently, I took a last-minute trip to the capitol of the United States of America. If you’re reading this and currently live in the capitol of the United States of America and did not hear of my trip or my desire to see you while I was there, I will repeat: it was a last-minute trip. It’s nothing personal, I promise. I really do want to see you.

I went down for a friend’s birthday and was planning on staying only for a few hours. Dinner, then drive home to my own bed. Instead, I was sucked into the romanticism that comes with visiting a new city and stayed for twenty seven hours. On a whim, I visited my DC-dream-church and heard Mark Dever address his congregation, I saw the top of the white house in the dark, I surprised some friends who did not know I was coming to the birthday party, I ate breakfast discussing relationships with a favorite married couple, and I walked about a million miles.

During the day, the District of Columbia is an interesting clash of government and tourism. I am thankful for my tour-guide-friends who gave me a quick overview of what’s going on down there. I had been to D.C. before, but don’t remember anything from the trip except for excessively flirting with a boy I had a crush on. High school has a way of only ingraining the overly-emotional memories apparently.

So seeing the city for the first time was great, but one thing really made it awesome (on top of spending time with old friends).

The cherry blossoms.

I always thought cherry blossoms were bitty and looked a lot like other blossoms one sees in the spring. I didn’t quite understand why folk flock to the capitol of the United States of America just to see the new spring blooms. But now I get it.


I mean it. They’re really big.

Have you ever seen a tree bloom that was this big? I haven’t. And it totally made the trip and the extra twenty three hours that I stayed extra-special.

On top of the “tree blooms from Texas”, I also saw The Man, a Caribou Coffee and a greeting card that read, “Socialism isn’t just for Europe anymore.”

If you’ve never seen cherry blossoms, I wholeheartedly recommend you get in your car and drive there today. Tell Lincoln I said hi.

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