My Photog Business

So I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to grow the business. My web presence needs an overhaul and I’d really like some clients here in the Mid-Atlantic. The thing I’m trying to mull over at this point in time is my blog. This blog. My web-home for three plus years.

This is what my photo biz needs:
– An easily-navigatable website
– A blog

I’m pretty set on continuing to call it Belong to the Day Photography, so this is what my dream addresses look like: or

Right now, if you go to, you’ll find my graphic design portfolio. It is serving a purpose at the moment, since I’ve yet to find my next design job, but I’m itching to get everything switched over and just get my photography biz up there. I’ll have to be patient.

All of that being said, the prospect of having two different blogs down the road isn’t appealing to me. It may appeal to me in May, when I’m faced with the decision to renew my domain names, but right now I can’t see myself keeping the photog biz in one blog and my life in another.

So I’ll have to figure it all out. I really do love it here at Not a Local and the thought of me shutting it down for the sake of ease makes my heart ache.

Random thought: BTTD isn’t set in stone. And while I love, love, love it, changing the name wouldn’t hurt my business at all (since I’m not promoting and my only jobs are coming from friends at the moment). What if I switched it over to Not a Local Photography? It doesn’t read like a sentence would and it may confuse my Etsy stuff (or maybe not?), but it may work.

And thus is my thought process. Convoluted? Probably.

What do you think? Not a Local Photography? Belong to the Day Photography? Two blogs?

For the record, my photog portfolio can be found at belongtotheday.smugmug,com

3 thoughts on “My Photog Business

  1. Well, I do love your blog, this one. As far as photography address, I vote “NOT” to Not A Local Photography, just because it start out negative, ya know, the word, “NOT” — writing rule. I think? At the same time, it brings intrigue and curious cats might find interesting to check out. I do agree with a more accessible, viewer friendly, client attracting site. If somehow, you can get every thing (portfolio and blog), into ONE SITE, everything will be very easy for clients to get into, move around in. Although, right now, I’m pretty satisfied with my site as the photography/storage/portfolio place where clients can go to as a result of my active and alive blog. So, my wordpress blog is an invitation and if found interesting enough, then they can kinda dig deeper as they visit my site. BLOG is an awesome tool to be more “accessible” to possible clients — they can see you more as a person and not just a photographer — but you already know that.

    So I’m not sure if I helped — hahha! I say, let ZENFOLIO host your site. I love them!! And keep wordpress, they are awesome too!

    — but you already have these… what’s the question?

  2. Thanks Cecile! you’re right about Not a Local. I kinda talked myself out of it an hour after I wrote this. I’ll keep moving ahead with BTTD and figure out what to do with NAL later….

    And concerning Zenfolio, I’m pretty set on the company I’ll be using long-term (, so my goal is to work toward that as quickly as possible. I just need more weddings under my belt and the funds. And for now, I’m pretty pleased with the back-end stuff that SmugMug offers and their setup ain’t all that bad.

    Thank you for your input, my pregnant friend! This is why I throw potentially-dumb questions out there.

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