Straight Up

I don’t watch much TV. Up until my recent move, I hadn’t even had cable or the lifestyle that allowed me to watch large amounts of television. But now that I have hundreds and hundreds of channels at my disposal, I still just watch certain shows online. Except one.

I haven’t watched American Idol in years — or ever, now that I think of it.– This season, however, things are different. And I’m glad.

I’m glad primarily because of this guy. He has already displayed to me what good musicianship and talent are and I hope he wins. And if he doesn’t win, I want someone to call him up so they can record this song and sell it as a single. I want to buy it and I’m considering saving my iTunes giftcard for that sole purpose.

I was going to mention here that Paula Abdul taught me how to dance and that I’ve been walking around the house singing this song for two days, but those facts are neither here nor there, so I digress. The part of the video you want to see is about 50 seconds in:

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