What I did this weekend

I took this photo:

Hung out with this girl:

In an long-overdue endeavor, I drove to Philly for the day to see the BFF. Since the weather has been moderate ’round these parts, we beboped through the city all day: used bookstore in Old City, Liberty Bell, that one really random clothing store Center City that sells immodest clothing and really cute shoes,  Rittenhouse Square, back to Old City where a cute guy thought I was checking him out but I was really just looking at his dogs, back to Center City where we became immediately thankful for the bomb squad, dinner with the office of Governor Rendell and back to Old City again.

It was great. Great conversation, great food, great urban hiking.

Then I went to church. And loved it. Which has been hard to come by these days. Church hunting was starting to take its toll on me more than job hunting. I have longed for a community since moving down and have hopefully found one. I was blessed yesterday by the pastor’s sermon and equally blessed by the people I met. I’m looking forward to settling in and getting involved.

I wish I had taken more photos for y’all, but alas. I kept the camera in my bag. Sometimes being a city girl turned country girl back in the city again makes me a little nervous.

AND IN OTHER NEWS: I’m thinking about doing another “Photo a Day” project starting in February. This time it’ll be a photo a day with my crappy camera phone. What do you think?

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