Things have been a bit quiet here. And for good reason; I went on vacation. A vacation from my “vacation”, if you will. I took a road trip up to Central New York for a bit of reunion. I spent four-ish days with dear friends.

This is from just after a lovely overland hike, complete with trees covered in snow:

This is what happens when the girl with the camera gets sassy:

I didn’t take many photos; I spent most of the time enjoying my friends without the pressure of capturing the memories in data-form. We hung out, we hiked, we cross-country skiied, we prayed, we witnessed miracles, we celebrated the dawning of 2010 in a truck, we celebrated Texan 2010 an hour later, we lit a Christmas tree on fire.

And it was great.

4 thoughts on “twothousandandten

  1. HEY! I saw you!! We were together at some point during that adventure!
    Yes this is wicked late…I just found it.

    Much love from me to you mine friend.

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