Today is my birthday.

To inaugurate my 27th year of life I:
1) Heard the Happy Birthday Song 4 times
2) Went to church
3) Wore a dress
4) Played the Wii version of BopIt and failed. Miserably
5) Got some pretty stellar earrings from my twin
6) Was emailed a “special birthday coupon” from EMS
7) Won a Mac-battle with my brother (don’t ask; just know that I’m a genius.)
8) Remembered my last birthday
9) Worked on a friend’s Christmas present
10) Deliberated on how to spend my iTunes gift card
11) Got a haircut
12) Found a gray hair during said haircut
13) Listened to a ridiculously dumb song long enough to have it ingrained. in. my. brain.
14) Pondered for far too long over this list
15) Drove to Philly in my sister’s Bimmer
16) Saw dead people
17) Saw a the insides of a dead camel
18) Wore heels with jeans
19) Tried to remember the last time I wore heels with jeans
20) Ate dinner with the family
21) Had fondu for birthday dessert
22) Played some games
23) Won some tickets
24) Bought silly things with said tickets
25) Actually contemplated using the “special birthday coupon” from EMS
26) Received a million and five Facebook notifications

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