because you all want a reason to put your dress back on

In honor of my new facebook page and building up Belong to the Day, I’ll be doing a little series here over the next few days. And let’s just be honest, you only read the blog for the photos anyway. (-:

A Day After shoot is a fun option for a bride and groom looking for a little more time for photos. Typically, when you hire a photographer who does these (and they should all be willing), you literally do the shoot on the day after the wedding; especially if your photographer traveled for your big day. Which is what happened here. I had been itching to shoot a ‘day after’ for months and when I suggested it to Hannah she was incredibly excited.

All that to say, however, Day After shoots don’t have to be on your first day of wedded bliss. Fear not, not-so-newlyweds, you can do a ‘Day After’ anytime! You can have the photos you’ve always wanted and you’ll have a reason to put your wedding dress back on; providing you still have your dress. And if you don’t, that’s ok, couple portrait sessions are just as fun.

To whet your appetite even more, here are some links to my favorite Day After sessions from one of my favorite wedding photogs, Jasmine Star.

You may remember Andy and Hannah’s wedding; I posted their ‘First Look’ photos here a few months back. I love this couple. You can see their entire wedding slideshow here.

On to the photos. We shot these two days after the wedding; we met in a park on my way back to the airport.

Click here to see the slideshow.


2 thoughts on “because you all want a reason to put your dress back on

  1. Oh Wait…I lied….THESE ARE YOUR BEST PHOTOGRAPHS EVER! ;) j/k….no matter how amazing these are, they just can’t beat a baby! :) Seriously though, you did such an amazing job. Just to place claim now- in the future, when I find out I’m expecting, you better be expecting me to call with a destination-preggars-photo shoot, and then another one for the birth, and a “day after” birth photo shoot…i’m just sayin! ;)

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