On Goodbyes

Working for four+ years for an organization that changed staff with every season, you get used to saying goodbye. Extra-meaningful moments that goodbyes are defined by became normal, every day stuff. I became a droid to the machine that must say goodbye to a batch of people every four months. This didn’t make me a goodbye-professional at all. In fact, the opposite is true. Most of you who’ve met me can attest to the fact that my goodbyes are sub-par; awkward even. Keeping that in mind, here are some lessons I’ve learned from years of goodbye-ing:

1) With a focus on eternity, they’re not all that significant. Sure you’re daily breakfasts together will cease, but if you both know you’re deemed for Heaven, you can rest assured that you’ll at the very least see each other then. A focus on eternity and God’s kingdom work here on Earth will also remind you that parting too has a significant value in what God is doing in your life; lessons are being taught from all directions, especially in the severing of two lives.

2) We’ll always have facebook.

3) Facebook makes long-distance relationships easier, not necessarily better.

4) Saying goodbye is easier when you’re the one staying put.

5) Goodbye parties are a silly reason to get together and therefore being silly should be included in them somehow.

When the time came for me to part ways with the Hood and upstate New York, I was given two parties. Hilarity ensued. Here are photos from the first party:

The second party was supposed to be a surprise. Until it was ruined by Kimmee. tsk. What was supposed to be a normal youth group meeting, turned into ridiculous games and roasting xtina. ha.ha.

This last batch of photos is from my last Sunday in Spec. On normal weeks, “the fam” and I would go up to my pastor’s house and I would make pancakes for everyone (It turns out that I make the best pancakes in this corner of the US). This is “the fam”:

These are dear, dear, dear friends of mine and their little girl. Remember her?

Here I am with the girl (more on her soon). The second photo is when I realized I won’t be holding her for a while.

Finally, and with a great desire to hop back in my car and drive north, here are my pastor and his beautiful bride. I owe so much to them; they have poured countless hours into me and pushed me toward Jesus more than they’re aware. I will miss Sundays with this family.

And this post is far too long already, so I’ll be hitting this topic one more time soon. I have one more goodbye to make.

One thought on “On Goodbyes

  1. Tears welled up in my eyes after reading this post and seeing pictures of so many dear friends. Yep, that place still holds a very special place in my heart and now I want to pack my family into the car and drive there as well! Praying for you as you transistion.

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