Update (while I still have the internet)


Today is Saturday. Today is also packing day. Tomorrow is packing day, too. If I need it. If I don’t need it, tomorrow is also moving day. Maybe.

This is what my life is made up of at the moment. Maybes. Idontknows. It’s very unlady like, if you ask me.

Anyway, I’m going to be a bit quiet this next week. After the move I have some decompressing to do. Some praying. Some journaling. Some resting. Some playing with cute 6 year olds.

So, if you’re keen to prayer, pray for me these next few days. Specifically, I need wisdom. Everything in my house must be separated into 5 piles before packing can commence: thrift store, storage, move, vacation, notquitesurewheretoputyouyet. Decisions can be overwhelming.

p.s. if you need something to read in my absence, try this. It’s fascinating.

One thought on “Update (while I still have the internet)

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