i’m not arachnophobic , i promise

I sat on my bed with my computer to check my email before heading to bed. Then a spider clamored up onto the laptop. I freaked out and blew it off the computer. Somewhere onto my bed.

Now I’m blogging about it while I figure out how to find the spider and kill it without burning the house to the ground.

Did you ever hear the story about the girl who had a spider lay eggs under her cheek skin while she was asleep and then she hatched little baby spiders a week later?

2 thoughts on “i’m not arachnophobic , i promise

  1. A buddy of mine went to the doctor because his knee was swore. The doctor did some tests and then took a scalpel to his knee… dozens of baby black widows came crawling out. Super creepy. True story.

    Glad I found your blog, I miss you and all my East Coast friends.

  2. That has sufficiently creeped me out, Ipp. Spiders used to not creep me out, but living alone has turned me into a bit of a softie (there’s no one else to protect!).

    I’m glad you found my blog too! How are you?

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