Life Update


When I first started all this, I thought answering “I have no clue.” was moderately romantic. It’s fun to face the wide unknown; to know that in two months you’ll be in a completely different area of the United States, vocationing in a completely different way than the previous four years, interacting with a completely different community. Oh the stories that will come, the little details and the big details that I’ll be given to share and point back to the Great Author with.

But for now, I’m tired. Honestly, I’m tired of answering “I have no clue.” The type-A in me screams for a plan while the romantic in me doesn’t care. The dichotomy is almost as wearing (if not more) as the job hunt itself.

I digress. This is not what you stopped in to read. You want to know more than, “I have no clue.” So here we go: My job at the Hood wraps up at the end of October and from there, I’m not sure what comes next. I’m applying for jobs mainly in the D.C. area, but I’m also looking up and down the east coast for jobs. Mainly, I’ve been applying for in-house graphic design positions. If I have a job by the end of October, then I’ll move, get settled in and start a new life. If I don’t have something lined up, I’ll be taking a bit of time off. I’ll probably stay up here in NY for a couple weeks, then head home to the ‘Rents.

From there, I could do a few things. One of them is terribly exciting, so I may pursue this no matter where I land my feet: Start a photography company. I would love to do this full time. Other options involve lots of part time jobs; one of them hopefully being at a rock gym.

So all that being said, I have been resting more and more (as the romanticism wears away) in the Lord’s soveriegnty. He not only knows where I’ll be in November, but He has already ordained it. And not just that, but whatever He has in store for me, I can rest in the knowledge that it is His best.

If you want to pray, here are some specifics:

1) Sanctification. The Lord desires to use this time in my life for His glory; pray that I would indeed seek His face in it

2) That I would end well. At work and in the community. I have a tendency to check-out too soon and I can’t do that this time around.

3) Wisdom and discernment with my time. I should be spending more time searching for jobs, but I’ve also been playing hard. There’s nothing wrong with either of them, but I must keep on my guard and spend my time wisely.

3) Specifically: I applied for my dream job last week. I’m perfectly qualified for the position, but the only way I would get it is through a miracle. I was describing what I’m up against to a friend last week and they replied, “So you’re telling me this has got to be a God-thing?” Yes. Which is exactly how I want it to be anyway. So please pray that the Lord would move in the hearts of men on my behalf. And that I would exalt Him in the outcome.

Thanks! Sorry the update is a wee-bit melancholy. I’m beat.

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