A Little Fall Randomness: Winner

I wasn’t planning on having a favorite, to be honest with you. I love all the videos in their own way. BUT the more I watched them, the more I found myself laughing out loud at #3.

So to be fair, since I started the contest without a favorite, I threw everyone’s names into a pile and picked one. The winner of the drawing happened to guess #3. And she also happened to be the subject of a possible, future post I had floating around my head. Way to go, Whitney. You’re batting a thousand right now.

So here is my favorite video again (my favorite part is the end):

This is our winner, and this is what happened when I brought my new laptop to work:

3 thoughts on “A Little Fall Randomness: Winner

  1. WHAT!?!?!?! ok she works with you… this was rigged! lol but the video of the pics of her made not winning worth it! haha i actually LOLed…

  2. HAHAHAHAHAAA! I just laughed so loud, I may have woken up my roommate. Those pictures are amazing. This one was my favorite too Christina :) Thanks for sharing great videos with us!!!

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