The O Key

A little over two years ago I dropped a lamp on my notebook; mere days after my 3-year Apple Care expired. The effects of the lamp landing on my keyboard left me O-less. I tried in vain to fix it and eventually settled for semi-working parts and masking tape. I learned to type with the new “key” and adjusted fairly well. Until recently. The whole process of the tape sliding around in the summer heat and getting sticky residue on my fingers was getting to me a bit.

So, I’m pleased to announce I am typing this from a new Apple. Beefed up. Complete with all its keys.



This was probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The missing key didn’t factor in really, it’s more or less just a perk now.

I should be blogging more now (don’t quote me on that). On top of being able to type efficiently, I have more RAM, which will make interneting and editing photos significantly quicker and less daunting of a task.

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