Andy & Hannah: First Look

When Hannah told me she wanted to do all the photos before the ceremony I did a little dance. There are pros and cons to this option, but the pros far outweight the cons. I don’t think there’s ever been a bride who has regretted this decision. So when I told Andy & Hannah about the idea of a First Look, Hannah did a little dance as well. I am grateful for all the dancing. Enjoy!

You can see the rest of the photos here.

3 thoughts on “Andy & Hannah: First Look

  1. Awesome, awesome stuff! Can we just rewind time and you can do my wedding photos b/c I’m majorly jealous of Hannah’s! Or maybe you can just vacation to Ohio, spend some time with our little family, and do another fabulous photo shoot. We miss you! Any ideas on the future plans?

  2. Thank you Beth! I wish I could’ve taken your photos too! I would love to vacation in Ohio for a little Myles-love. I may drive through your fine state on my way out to a wedding Labor Day weekend. What town are you guys in again?

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