They are the coolest thing ever. Except when you want to sleep. After I recieved one of the greatest gifts ever given to me, it was decided that the group would string them up for a night and sleep outside.

Here we are at the campfire; you can see the hammocks strung in the background.


We ended up not staying ouside, though. It started to rain. Thumbs down. So, being the resourceful group that we are, we moved inside.


Here’s my hammock:


I never fell asleep; it was awful. So about 1:30am (after realizing that nature was calling and the nearest bathroom was a 5 minute walk outside) I just got up and went home to my own bed.

I’m going to try it again when it gets warmer outside. And I’m going to string it up on my porch, mere feet from my bathroom.

Here’s another picture I took that night. This is a five-minute exposure of Lake Pleasant taken at 11:00pm:


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