On Monday Nights

During my time here at the Hood, I’ve been involved in a ministry geared toward the girls living in our community. We get together once a week with activities and a Bible study. The girls love it.
Every September, before TGF starts up for the school year, I ask myself if I should be involved again. I weigh all that is on my “plate” and eventually decided that pulling away from the girls is far worse then being too busy. Every year I’m grateful I made the decision to stick with it.
I’ve been involved with this ministry for four years and this past semester I’ve had the privilege of organizing it. I’ve watched some of these girls grow up into young women. I’ve seen them change before my eyes. I have learned so much from them and through these experiences. I’ve blogged about one of them here.
Last night was our last “Monday Night” of the school year. We always end the year with a banquet and invite the parents. Last night was no different and a grand time was had by all. Several things stuck me throughout the night:
– I have had some fantastic help this semester.
– Those girls are terribly sweet. They also have some terribly sweet parents.
– This is my last TGF ever. Wow.
So in honor of the girls and the leaders, I’ll give you a taste of what Monday’s look like for us. This is the slideshow we showed at the banquet last night.

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3 thoughts on “On Monday Nights

  1. Loved this little video!! Brought back fond, sweet memories for me – I just smiled the entire time!! Thanks for keeping TGF going strong and teaching these precious girls about Jesus!!

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