I was going to blog about my vacation, but the desire to do so left just a moment ago. I didn’t really “vacate.” I spent two nights at a friend’s house, then entertained my parents for a few days and am now left with one day off before I go back to designing graphics tomorrow. Instead of telling you more details about what I’ve been doing, I’ll attempt to entertain you with what’s been running through my head this last day of vacation/first day of rest:

– My hair is driving me nuts. I got it into my head to grow my bangs out and I’m at the point where I daily contemplate shaving my head in rebellion of the wildness hanging out on my cranium. I want so much to be free of fussing with my bangs on an hourly basis, but it seems that the growing-out processs is rougher than I anticipated. I’m not even convinced that I’ll look good sans-bangs.  Blegh.

– Spring is here(ish). We don’t get spring up here. We get mud season, sprinkled with just enough warm days to get us thoroughly frustrated with the cold days. Every year, this time of the twelvemonth makes me frustrated enough to want to exercise. This year I’ve built up the frustration discipline to actually run. I’ve found that I love it. Weird.

– The four people I spent the most of my time with are going on vacation this week. Together. Without me. While I’m ok with them leaving me behind, what in the world am I going to do with myself while they’re gone?

– I’m pretty sure that as much as I hate 6 months of winter and wishy-washy spring mixed with black flies, I’m really going to miss the Adirondacks.


– I cannot wait for Mat Kearney’s new album to come out. Cannot. Wait. Watch the video with me.

Well, if you don’t hear from me this week, it’s because I’m be outside with my bangs pinned back, running; possibly to Mat Kearney. It’s supposed to be beautiful.

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