What Did Dela Wear?

In my obvious neglect of the series I started way back when, I promise I was busy. Last weekend, after a long week, I was given three days off of work; like a kid in a candy shop with her 3-minute-old allowance, I set in my mind to travel. My goal? Rest.

Will I ever learn that travel does not equal rest?

In a great epiphany, I realized that it was my best friend’s birthday and for the first time in three years, I had the chance to celebrate with her in person. So I made plans to hang out in Philly for the weekend, following the Birthday Girl around. I would bring a book and my camera, because there was sure to be plenty of down-time on my end. I even borrowed a book.

Alas, the soverienty of God rules all. His plans for those three days were different and I, over time, have learned to be flexible when time such as those arise.

So, the majority of my rest-intended weekend was spent in Delaware with my family. Doing stuff.

I did get to spend one evening with the honored 26 year-old. And we had a terribly good time.

And I came home terribly tired.

So what did Dela wear? Sweatpants. It’s the only way to comfortably drive through New Jersey.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming in a few days.


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