Nerd Cool


I recently had a conversation with a friend about the term “cool.” She proceeded by telling me a theory she developed in high school that has continued to stand the test of time.

People fit into two categories: Nerd Cool and Jerk Cool. She said that on some level, people fit into either category. The jerk-cool folks relying on other people and self-presentation to make them cool and the nerd-cool folks being cool because of their passions. For example, the guy in your high school that was passionate about chess and didn’t care what you thought about it; that was his thing.

This got me thinking. It never crossed my mind to ponder over which category I’m in; I’m clearly a nerd. But what am I passionate about?

The Gospel
This passion is growing in me every day. If you’ve had a conversation with me recently about the majesty behind the cross, you’d see this; I get so excited that I can’t even communicate properly. I recently spent 2 weeks teaching on the gospel and probably spent 75% of those two lessons on the glories of being brought near by the blood of Christ (Ephesians 2:13). I most-likely spent most of that time with my voice raised in excitement (read: I was probably yelling).

The Word of God
This goes hand in hand with the gospel, but holds a significant place in my life. Without the Word, we would have no understanding of the gospel. This is God’s truth, His letter to us so that we might, in turn, walk in His precepts. It is our key to understanding God and oh boy, do I love it.

Righteous Living
Someone once said to me that everyone reads the Word through a different lens. Some people can read Genesis and see “missions.” Some people read Leviticus and see “relationships.” I read everything through the lens of “personal holiness.” By the power of the gospel and through the word of God I can please the Holy One through my actions and attitudes. I will note, however, that even though I’m passionate about holiness, the passion doesn’t promise me that I’m good at it. This, I suppose, will have to be another post for another day.

I’m an extrovert, through and through. Over Christmas, I went to a party where I knew one person; I had a blast. I pull my energy from others (especially the ones I care deeply for). I also love to study people; someone once called me a micro-anthropologist.

There are other things that I’m passionate about, that don’t define me as much as the items listed above: black coffee, literature, sewing, paper crafts, Macintosh, photography, games and music.

Then there are some things that I love, but am way too self conscious about to place in my “passions” category: rock climbing, giving gifts, graphic design and blogging.

What makes you a nerd?

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