Old Man Winter

Winter is one grumpy, old man.  I think he’s mad at me.


I went to work one day last week and came home to this. I had left my pillow resting on my window which apparently didn’t allow enough heat from the room to keep it from freezing to the window. It was so cold outside that I had ice on the inside of my house and a frozen pillow. Ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. When it gets below zero the windows in my living room become all icy on the inside. One day I had about .25 of a inch of ice on my window in places.

  2. We can keep the heat at whatever temp we want and we don’t pay for it. I just have huge windows that stay behind curtains that don’t get heat. I am emailing you some pictures that I took this morning of my window.

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