2 of 4

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This is video 2 of 4. There are some pretty cool stories here; I promise they’re coming.

4 thoughts on “2 of 4

  1. If I had been able to pay for your Temple University education, I would say that it was money well spent. However, since we weren’t, I still say it was money well spent! I know that I have not recently mentioned how incredibly proud I am of you but I am. Of course, I am equally proud of your siblings but this ain’t their blog. After you started the Jos riots, your mom thought that you might have been cured of the “Africa bug”. I guess she don’t know you as well as she thinks…………….

  2. I hope the slideshows aren’t deceptive, Daddy. While 99% of the photography is mine, I didn’t put the slideshows together. It’s an online program that does it all for you. http://www.animoto.com is the coolest thing ever; it saved me about 16 hours of work.

    Maybe you know that. Maybe you’re proud of my rad African photography.

    I didn’t know I had an African bug.

  3. 1) I AM proud of the rad African photography.
    2) I’m proud that your brain lets you find things like Animoto (Cuz half of your genes are mine!).
    3) I’m proud of you for stepping out of your world to help others in need.
    4) I’m proud that you decided to attend one of the best universities in the nation, got accepted, and found a way to pay for it on your own.
    5) I’m proud that you decided to take a vastly underpaid position because of the difference you could make.
    BUT………..MOSTLY I’m proud of the fierce, independent, convicted woman you have become!!

    LOVE Daddy

  4. The “Africa bug “, that you DO know you have, makes you want to leave behind all worldly goods and comforts, travel to remote locations half-way around the world and live in relative squalor, and dodge disease and peril. All for the opportunity to do the work that GOD has called you to.
    Love, Yerpop

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