Two Weeks in Africa

I’m In Africa! BRB.

Note: someone I don’t know and have no connection with put this video on YouTube. I’m using it here because the song is awesome and I can’t figure out how to just use the song. Pretend it’s me in the pictures or something.

3 thoughts on “Two Weeks in Africa

  1. Hey! I have that song! It’s Caedmons. Of course. :) Hope you’re having an incredible time!!! Wish we were there and can’t WAIT to hear all your stories/see your pictures at New Year’s! We’re praying for you guys. – Joy

  2. I tried to comment on your last post, but I don’t think it worked. :( I love and miss you lots! I’ll be praying extra for you during your time in AFRICA!!!! Love,Hannah

  3. wow, YOUTUBE! YES.

    btw: check out

    your better BRB, RS. OK? LOL, GTG, TTYL!


    ….creative insertaion…. late for rehearsal

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