For those of you who haven’t read it, here’s my prayer letter:

Family & Friends,

As many of you know, I’m traveling to Nigeria next Wednesday with the LIFT Discipleship program. How the trip came about is a whirlwind of a story, but for now, I’m merely writing you asking for prayer.

There are 16 students in the program and every semester a new group of students takes a two-week mission trip to open their eyes to what mission work is like in other cultures. We’ll be traveling to visit 3 missionaries and joining them in their ministries for 16 days.

My main job on the trip is to act as the photographer/videographer and capture the significant events and emotions. Secondarily (or primarily, depending on who you talk to), I will be the female leader, taking care of all the matronly needs of the group.

While those are both tangible needs I’m meeting for the LIFT group, the main reason for “tagging along” is purely personal. As someone who aspires to be a missionary in Africa one day, this trip will be more than work-related. I will be filtering everything I see and observe in Nigeria through my “what will it be like to live here?” filter.

We will travel from Speculator to NYC on Wednesday the 19th and fly out on the 20th. From NYC, we’ll fly to London and then from London to Abuja, Nigeria. From there we will travel 4 hours south to Jos, Nigeria. Jos will serve as our “home base” for the rest of the trip. We will return to the States on December 4th.

The students, our fearless LIFT leaders and I will be traveling around observing and engaging in the different ministries of the Ardill family, working with Pro Health International and their medical outreaches, helping with African Prison Ministries and even traveling overnight to and orphanage.

Please pray for us! Pray that as a team, we would be able to lay our differences aside and approach each day with a heart to serve in any capacity necessary. Pray that our eyes would be open to the lessons that the Lord would have for us. And that we would not be clouded by our own selfishness to miss the opportunities before us to live and share Christ with the people of Nigeria and each other. Specifically, please pray for me as my responsibilities are torn between leading and observing, that I would know how to wear both hats in a Christ-like manner.

Thank you, your prayers have already meant so much already. I anticipate the Lord answering more!

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