A Modest Update update

I had a post scheduled for Thursday to update you on my thumbnail, but it’s only Wednesday evening and the post is already out of date. Because my nail nail-bed is more disgusting now than in the photo below, I’ll spare you an updated picture; this time around, at least. Here’s the original, out-of-date post for your reading enjoyment:

So some of you may be wondering what my thumb may look like now, 6 weeks after slamming it in a car door. Last time, I receive a bit of grief over the size of the photo I put up. So for the sake of modesty, there’s a small thumbnail below (pun very much intended) for you to click on if you think your stomach can handle it.

6 thoughts on “A Modest Update update

  1. Nah. It actually came off last night, and everything is fine underneath it. I am infection-free. BUT the new nail kinda got jammed up under the old one and the end of it grew into this little nub. It’s really funny looking.

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