Oh, Just in Case

My Amazon.com Wish List

Christmas is coming soon, and following shortly behind is my birthday. If you haven’t been brooding over what to get me this year, then please ignore this post. I’m merely providing a service for my family, since they never know what to get me and paper lists often get misplaced.

I’ve created a wish list for your convenience. Amazon was the easiest way to do it; please don’t feel pressured to buy everything through them, or anything at all.

3 thoughts on “Oh, Just in Case

  1. Hey!

    That one book by David Sills looks awesome. I had him as a teacher in the TETM training school and i took him into mexico one day this year when he had a day free. I have a copy back in texas and can’t wait to read it! Hope all is well with you! Prayin for you!

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