Death is Not Natural

I’ve been reading a blog called 6 Year Med and have been touched by her insights into the medical world. There are two post in particular that have really reminded me that while everyone dies, death was not something that we were created to experience. Death, illness and doctors are all a result of sin. You’ll have to click to read them, but it’s worth the effort.

After All This Has Passed

On Discarded Things

2 thoughts on “Death is Not Natural

  1. You are right; it is an awkward thought process. But so is death and illness, really. If we were all still living in Eden, we would have no need to remedy things or consult a medical opinion. Mainly because we could ask the very creator; the doctor of doctors.

    Thank you for being a good doctor. If I had them, I would take my kids to see you any day.

    And maybe I’ll re-write this post. It’s hitting me a little funny now too.

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